A service like ours is only as good as its results. REAL WRITERS gets results!

These are just a few of our past clients, or writers whose work was critiqued and highly placed in the REAL WRITERS Short Story Awards, an international competition which we ran until 2005. You'll find their names on amazon.co.uk, or in your local bookshop.

Kate Long, who we discovered in 1996, eight years before her first novel The Bad Mother's Handbook became a bestseller. Kate now has seven published novels to her credit.

Jane Wenham-Jones's fourth novel came out in 2012. She has also written two highly successful (and hilarious!) guides to being a writer, and hundreds of magazine stories and features.

Alice Jolly was given a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster Pocket Books in the UK.

Maxine Alterio achieved a two-book deal with Penguin in her home country of New Zealand.

Jon Haylett
Matthew Ravden
K McCauley
Gee Williams
Jenny Downham
Gary Davison
etc etc etc